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 New recruitment rules + loot rules

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New recruitment rules + loot rules Empty
PostSubject: New recruitment rules + loot rules   New recruitment rules + loot rules EmptyWed Jan 07, 2009 1:04 am

right it has come to my attention that the recruitment period is not long enough so now it has been extended to 2 week with raids included u can't join go afk for 2 week come back and roll its 2 week with raids then the officers decide if they want to extend your recruit status or give you member status also. with loot if people are not propperly buffed with food buffs flask's / elixirs they will not be illedgabale for loot as it has come to my attention that many people now are slacking with food buffs its not fair for the rest of us that do it day in day out so that is a new change people who slack dont deserve the rewards so you have all been warned no QQ when these rules are enforced

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New recruitment rules + loot rules Princy11
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New recruitment rules + loot rules
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